930 Gears

Gear Info

Guard Transmission utilizes the most advanced and modernized CNC gear-cutting equipment available. All of our gears are cut with class AA grade gear hobs and feature the latest F1 gear profiles. Contact pressure angles are optimized for maximum strength and each gear tooth has a very prominent “tip relief” placing all contact directly in the center of the tooth. This special feature eliminates any premature wear found in all prior gear designs., which typically occurs at the base and tip of each gear tooth.

All gears offered by Guard Transmissions are shot-peened to Aircraft specifications, which normally doubles the service life (in medium stress applications).

Stronger, quieterm longer-lasting. It has always been the goal of Guard Transmission to offer gearsets that are so superior in quality, that even the most discerning European race teams would take notice. These gears are now in stock.


1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear
2.786(14:39)D2C 1.789(19:34)IY 1.296(27:35)RZ 1.000(26:26)QQ
2.643(14:37)DB 1.737(19:33)IX 1.250(24:30)OU .963(27:26)RQ
2.533(15:38)EC 1.600(20:32)KW 1.208(24:29)OT .929(28:26)SQ
2.250(16:36)FA Stock 1.529(17:26)GQ 1.160(25:29)PT .893(28:25)SP
1.833(18:33)HX 1.471(17:25)GP 1.120(25:28)PS .862(29:25)TP
1.737(19:33)IX 1.444(18:26)HQ 1.077(26:28)QS .828(29:24)TO
1.667(18:30)HU 1.389(18:25)HP 1.038(26:27)QR .793(29:23)TN
1.600(20:32)KW 1.348(23:31)NV 1.000(26:26)QQ .767(30:23)UN
1.500(20:30)KU 1.304(23:30)NU Stock .963(27:26)RQ .733(30:22)UM
1.250(24:30)OU .929(28:26)SQ .710(31:22)VM
1.200(25:30)PU .893(28:25)SP Stock .688(32:22)WM
1.160(25:29)PT .667(33:22)XM
.625(32:20)WK Stock

3rd and 4th gear are normally interchangeable

Some 3rd/4th ratios available in genuine Porsche 962/956/930 configuration